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The persisting dilemma of the housing sector

“Government promises 300,000 new homes’’. This is a recent news headline from a BBC publication mentioning the government’s housing target by 2022. It only reiterates the persisting housing crisis in the housing sector of the UK. For the next few decades at least, more homes will be needed, and so more and more land is needed.

The UK’s housing delivery strategy

The government is committed to its plan to build homes thereby doubling the housing budget from 2018-19 to deliver 400,000 new homes. Recently, a new target of 300,000 new homes was unveiled and is expected to be achieved by the year 2022.

The National Infrastructure Delivery Plan brings reflects the government’s commitment to invest over £100 billion by 2020-21, alongside significant ongoing private sector investment in infrastructure. Combining the capital programme, loan schemes, help to buy and other measures, another £20 billion in investment in housing will occur.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) aims to increase the number of new homes that are built in England by increasing the supply of public land and speeding up the rate that it can be built on, helping to stimulate local economic growth by using its land and investment, and attracting private sector investment in local areas.

Lastly, the government is creating a dispute resolution process to assist local planning authorities and applicants in agreeing acceptable planning terms within a set timescale. This resolution process will cease delays in future planning permission applications.

Our strategic UK land approach

Our Smarden land investment site is a strategic site both in terms of its location and in terms of its high potential for future development. The site is located just 13.5 km away from Ashford rail link to the Euro Tunnel, giving you easy access to France and from there to all of Europe. When it comes to development potential, our Smarden site is located at the heart of Ashford growth area, where considerable housing targets are set (6000 between 2016 and 2021). Our site is positioned in a fully qualified land area to receive planning permission, as part of these local housing targets

Strategic UK land at it’s essence – Chislehurst, Greater London

Strategic land acquisition is fast becoming an established way for investors to invest in land online, capture the land’s development potential, diversify their portfolio and receive potentially large returns on investment. An enormous amount of research goes into choosing such an area, hence the term strategic land.

Strategic UK land at its essence-Smarden, Kent 

Ashford is located in the county of Kent, which has a great location on the map, bordering Greater London, making it close to the international economic and financial hub that is London.

Just 13.5Km away from the international train station of Ashford, and just 8Km away from the M20, a main motorway in the area, and only 1.5 hours away from Central London.

Close proximity to all key infrastructure facilities including airports (Gatwick airport at just a little over 1 hour and Heathrow in under 2 hours)

Investment highlights

100% freehold land

Complete after sales support

Planning application support

0% taxes and maintenance

Close proximity to Central London

Up to 4 names on a title deed

Site Features

8Km away from the M20 motorway (main local motorway)
13.5Km to Ashford link to Euro Tunnel

A little over 1 hour to Gatwick airport

37 minutes to London via the High Speed 1 rail link
2 hours to Paris and less than 1 hour to the French city Lille through Ashford international train station

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Strategic location and high potential for future development.

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