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Planning Process

  1. Selling the number of plots to the client in the land site.
  2. Herald Land’s Customer Service Department performs its due diligence to acquire the title deed for the plot owners.
  3. Local authorities in the United Kingdom remove the plot(s) from the Greenbelt under local plans and procedures.
  4. Meet with Planner and Lawyers in the UK to discuss procedure and set up a time frame.
  5. Applying for a planning application after council visitations and following up on the National Framework Policy.
  6. Establishment of company for all shareholders to apply as one entity.
  7. Documents to be sent out to clients to be signed and notarized.
  8. Planning application is submitted for approval.
  9. Regular follow-up procedure on updates for the clients.
  10. Once receiving planning approval, land is sold to the best bid developer to ensure maximized profit for the investors.

The below land sites will be submitted for planning approval in no particular order:

  1. Holmer Green
  2. Grove Lane
  3. Iver
  4. Dartford
  5. Kings Langley

The Planning Team

Our Legal and financial customer service backgrounds help us understand our investors’ concerns and needs. We are hoping to expand on our connections with all major councils in the UK, having already met with Chiltern Council and made contact with Windsor Council. This will help to build our portfolio and give us an upper hand when making Planning applications. We try our best to keep upto date with new Planning Regulations in the UK by attending conferences and annual seminars. Working on planning applications will be our primary goal to succeed in fulfilling promises the company made to its investors.

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