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Our Strategy

  1. Herald Land’s strategy in regards to land sales is completely different to that of our competitors.
  2. We only consider land that we feel is strategically located and has a strong possibility of future development.
  3. This means we only look at land close to existing residential developments, with services provided to the site and where the local councils housing targets would benefit to us.
  4. Our sites are designed and sold in such a way as to support a planning application.
  5. Herald Land will prepare, organise and submit a planning application on all our sites with a timescale that we think best suits our chances of a positive outcome.
  6. There will be a small additional cost this application (to be paid at the time of the application) of between £750 to £1000 per plot.
  7. We would look to make a planning application within a 3 to 5 year timescale.

The Process


We undertake a detailed site assessment to confirm the feasibility for development.


Agents, valuers and legal experts assess both the sites current value as well as its projected end value.


Work within the existing development plan using the system of applications and appeals.


Use our relationships with house-builders and agents to seek out developers to purchase the site.

Trust our experience

There are quite a few traits that come with understanding land i.e., physical constraints of height, zoning and infrastructure alongside the many different legal, planning and technical issues. Before securing any site our highly qualified land team undertakes a detailed site assessment and analysis. All sites are well located next to existing urban settlement boundaries with no major constraints.

Our clients value the confidence we can provide – confidence that their land present opportunities on the constantly evolving and fast moving market. For investors there is clearly an opportunity by purchasing strategic land investments. Buy UK Land Today!

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