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Posted by eduard on February 12, 2020
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Interview Dress Code

You make an impression the minute you walk-in for an interview, and before a word is spoken from the interviewer or yourself.

Regardless of a company’s dress code policy, you should always dress in a professional manner, be it your first or second interview (applies to a video interview as well). That means you shouldn’t arrive to the interview in casual attire (jeans, beachwear); this may cost you an interview or even a position. The appropriate dress code depends on the company, the industry, the location and other factors. However, for both genders, it can be narrowed down to the following.


It could be more challenging for women to put together an attire but here are a few pointers that could always be useful. A solid colored suit, and if you’re wearing a skirt it’s preferred at knee length (same applies to a dress).

Conservative shoes, limited jewelry, neat hairstyle, light makeup and manicured clean nails with a sheer color.


A solid colored suit is always suitable, long sleeved shirt, belt, tie, conservative shoes, neat hairstyle and a clean shave.

Irrespective of gender, always coordinate the colours, and keep your attire simple and professional.

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