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Posted by eduard on February 13, 2020
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Don’t Burn Bridges

There’s always excitement accompanied with an interview and followed by disappointment when you are sent a rejection email. Every person has a different reaction, some read the email and choose to move on to a different opportunity, and some request feedback as to why weren’t they selected or how could they improve. There are also others who turn sour, by either sending an unprofessional angry email or call their contact person and exhibit unnecessary rude telephone behavior.

Keep in mind a recruitment process does not promise you a contract, but it’s an opportunity to obtain that contract. You might have been qualified and ticked all boxes in terms of your experience, but there are other factors that come into play. For instance,

  • Your personality, if it’s a fit with the team and the company’s culture.
  • Your answers, believe it that at times a simple yes or no could have a great impact
  • Your attitude or behavior, from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out, everything you do can influence our final answer
  • Your presentation and professionalism, your attendance and your attire influence decisions

It might be justified from the rejected candidate’s perspective to carry with unprofessional behaviour, but it just burnt a bridge. The person you emailed or called with such behaviour doesn’t only impact your career opportunities in the present with the current firm but also in the future. Similar to how you grow and move on with your career, so does the Recruiter or any member of the Selection team. Leaving a negative impact now can result in a missed opportunity in the future because of your unprofessional behaviour. They could be working at a company that you would apply to in the future and have the power to influence your opportunity.

It could be also that the Selection team or the Recruiter thought you were more suited for a different position with them that will arise in the future, but with your negative behaviour, you missed the opportunity. Most companies keep a record of candidates that ever applied for a position in the company and some candidates may be labelled or kept in “the black list”.

Please bear in mind that rejecting a candidate is never an easy task for a Recruiter to carry with, but there’s no running away from it. Unless you would like to hear nothing at all and call the company unprofessional, but in my opinion a rejection is better than no answer at all.

What to do when you receive a rejection email or phone call:

  • Do not take it personally – we are different individuals and wonderful human beings on a personal level, but when you go for an interview, you are assessed as a professional first, and your skills and experience in the field are looked at.
  • Ask for opinion – instead of asking why the decision was made not to hire you, ask what can you improve or change for the next interview. Simple things that you might have not noticed from your side may have played a big role in the decision from Recruiter’s part, such as you glancing at the watch during the interview or having your phone ringing on the table, even if it is on vibration mode, not contributing into the discussion during the interview or other reasons.
  • Read interview tips – big international corporations and medium companies usually have a good recruitment process that is being perfected regularly to stay aligned with a current situation on the market. You may find many useful articles online about what is important for an employer to see in the candidate, Do and Don’ts during the interview, and you can also discover some interesting techniques that are used by recruiters to select the best of the best.
  • Take it as a learning curve – do not get disheartened from the rejection. This is a part of the career process. Many famous people were rejected from the dream jobs they’ve applied for just to find out that they can try and follow their own dreams to achieve an amazing height in career and life.
  • Move on to a better opportunity that suits you!

In collaboration with

Sara Al Baroudi

Darya Ramashkan
Human Resource Director

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