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Posted by eduard on November 21, 2021
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Holmer Green

Holmer Green Timelines

October – December 2016

Green Belt Preferred Options Consultation

This was a document issued by South Bucks and Chiltern Councils which outlined 15 areas within their administrative area which they felt should be considered to be removed from Green Belt.

This led to us dealing directly with the Local Councils and sharing our plans for development on the site.

It was at this time we formally instructed Rochester Properties as our Planning Consultants and Promoter.

November 2018

Meeting with Council Planners
Venue – Chiltern and South Bucks Offices in Amersham

We attended a meeting with the two local planners from the Councils together with Rochester Properties Limited.

In this meeting, we discussed the Council’s wishes and target to provide 300 new homes on our land and 3 adjoining sites.

It was felt by us that we could contribute 140 homes towards the Council’s target.

We discussed in detail how our site would be assembled and developed including access roads and house types etc.

June 2019

Draft Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan – 2036

This is the Council’s overall plan until 2036 for House Building and Development in their area.

Pages 158 to 161, clearly show the area in which the council’s wish to develop in Holmer Green.

Our site is within the area marked in red and is served by an access directly from the A404.

The overall requirement for housing is shown as 300 (page 159) of which we would look to provide 140.

Rochester Properties continued the work to assemble the site.

March 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID)

Examination by Government Inspectors Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan

This Examination (public meeting) was to be held on 17th to 20th March and 25th and 26th March to examine the local plan and make comments accordingly.

The Council’s supported the removal of the land from the Green Belt and comments from the public were to be heard.

The next step after adoption of the Local Plan would have been to submit a Planning Application.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, this public enquiry was cancelled.

Buckinghamshire Council 2020/2021

In 2020, it was decided that a new governing body would be set within Buckinghamshire.

This new entity is called Buckinghamshire Council.

Previously, there were 4 district Councils who administered their own Regional Areas.

These were Aylesbury Vale, South Bucks, Chiltern and Wycombe.

These district Councils merged and lost the overall power to make decisions and instead this was transferred to a single governing body.

Unfortunately, this meant that the Planning Strategy was withdrawn and is now under review by the new governing body (Buckinghamshire Council).

It is expected in the next few weeks that Buckinghamshire Council will request for a call sites.

Due to our previous experience with Chiltern and South Bucks Council and the progress we made, we are still extremely positive about the outcome.

In Conclusion

The Holmer Green site is extremely well located to deliver 140 towards the Council’s target.

We could not have predicted and have done anything about the Council’s decision to change the way in which it governs.

It is now up to us and the Promoter Rochester Properties to complete the site assembly and ensure that the new governing body will again consider releasing the land from the Green Belt for residential planning.

planning update as of  December 24, 2018

Herald Land is proud to announce that the legal pack was sent to our clients for them to review and sign. It consists of a commercial agreement, TR1 form, and an RX1 with a consent letter for the shareholders to sign. Each investor will be a shareholder in Holmer Green Ltd company. Once we receive all the documents signed from all the shareholders, our promoter will start working on the next steps. By this step, we are getting closer to submitting a planning application for our Holmer Green site.

planning update as of  December 24, 2018


The area proposed to be removed from the Green Belt within the Wycombe District part of the Wycombe Local Plan will be discussed with the Wycombe District Council for the planning and development needs of the site.

Average residential density is 30 to 35 dwellings per hectare  for a residential capacity of 300 dwellings.

The development will aid in accommodation, associated infrastructure, and open space.


The following requirements are needed for any development as stated in the Local Plan:

  • Planning will be adjacent to Wycombe District.
  • Infrastructure on-site or funded by the developer or development delayed until provided by an infrastructure provider or other methods.
  • 40% of dwellings must be affordable.
  • Adjoining built areas must be connected with transportation access with emphasis on walking and cycling and passenger transport.
  • Landscape and tree planting within the site are mandatory with attention to the countryside boundary.
  • Enhanced landscape boundary treatment to the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

planning update as of  June 13, 2018

Download the full Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Green Belt Preferred Options Consultation.

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