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Posted by eduard on November 8, 2021
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Grove Lane

Grove Lane, Surrey, London, UK

Site Information

The site is located only 9 miles from Central London, falling just outside the London Borough of Croydon. The notably affluent area is served by exceptional road and rail connections to Central London and the Greater London area. Falling within the M25 London Orbital Motorway, with the main Couldson central rail line to London being less than a mile away, this 10-acre site sits within an active commuter hub.

Local Planning

All councils in England are legally required by the UK Government to plan for future population, growth, and demand for housing.

A Local Plan is the measured result of the above, which details and considers the long-term strategy for new homes and jobs alongside other associated infrastructure, such as open space, transport, retail, sport, office, and industrial development, cutting pollution, climate change and community facilities covering a 15-year period.

Planning Department Updates

  • Grove Lane, Coulsdon falls under Sutton District Council. The Local Plan period runs between 2016-2031 and was formally adopted in 2018. The council allocated a provision for 6,405 new homes, with 635 new homes allocated to the village of Carshalton and surrounding smaller hamlets, which Coulsdon falls under. This figure is subject to an increased target change by the Mayor of London (please see below)
  • The council is further improving suburban rail networks to provide a more metro style service (similar to the London Overground) to provide further enhanced orbital rail connections between other Southern London Centres.
  • Since the Local Plan adoption in 2018, the London Plan has evolved. Sutton District Council’s Local Plan must be in “general conformity” with the London Plan, developed by the Mayor of London. In a statement, this was explored that Sutton planning policy, must consider London Plan policies when deciding submitted applications. (Section 24 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004)
  • Crucially, due to pending London Plan revised housing targets, Sutton Council are currently having to undertake a revision in the form of a Local Development Scheme 2021-23. This statutory duty to prepare and monitor planning figures, forms the basis of this document.
  • The Sutton Local Plan was adopted in February 2018, prior to the introduction of the standardised method to map housing/social need. Therefore, full evidence gathering is now required to support a review of the Local Plan and standardised figures required by the London Plan. This is required under regulation 10A of the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2012, whereby local authorities must review local plans, at least once every 5 years from adoption to ensure policies remain relevant.

Our Planning Department Updates

From the above the New Development Plan will provide the spatial vision and strategic objectives for the London Borough of Sutton between 2023 and 2038. The Local Plan will allocate sites for development or redevelopment to ensure its spatial vision and objectives are achieved. This will involve the preparation and publication of a new Policies Map, the map-based expression of Local Plan policies, site allocations and designations. This document will replace the currently adopted Local Plan 2018.

The indicative timeline provided for the new Local Plan is as follows;

Evidence Gathering – June 2021 to June 2022
Consultation on Options – June 2022
Consultation on the Proposed – January 2023
Submission Draft – May 2023
Submission to Secretary of State – May to September 2023
Examination-in-Public – October 2023
Inspector’s Report – December 2023
Adoption – December 2023

  • As with any council in the UK, if Sutton District Council does not identify enough land for housing, an inspector is appointed by the Secretary of State, to recommend additional sites for allocation to meet the required numbers.
  • If numbers aren’t met, this leaves the district further open to speculative planning applications, that can result in development taking places in areas, previously deemed unsuitable during a plan period.
  • To conclude, our planning department have assessed that the next two years is a fantastic opportunity for site assessment under the Development Plan review, placing Grove Lane in a highly favourable position for planning within the next 2 years or earlier. The deficit of housing, the close proximity to housing and further a sensitive modelled development to blend in with the surrounding area and adjacent open land, would create a highly desirable site for development.

planning update as of November 7, 2021

This site is located in a very good area with a great potential to be out of the greenbelt and turn into residential in the coming future. Find below a successful planning application that was submitted to the council.

This case is about the erection of one four-storey building and two three-storey buildings comprising of 26 residential units together with associated car parking and cycle parking spaces, hard and soft landscaping, alterations to ground level and servicing arrangements. The units are divided between 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms flats.

planning update as of October 02, 2018

We are constantly following up on the planning applications being submitted, planning meetings and new planning updates in this area. There have been some changes as you can see from the below application, from this we can see that there has been some movement with the council.

Below is a recent planning application that was successful in the same area. Here they have approved the changes in the use of land by converting a family into a 3-storey block containing nine flats. We look forward to further changes and more successful applications in the near future.

planning update as of August 12, 2018

Facts and Trends:

  • Increase of 46 % in population aged 65+
  • Increase of 59 % in population with mobility problems
  • Increase of 72 % in population aged 85+

These are all factors increasing the housing demand in the area where our Grove Lane site is located.

planning update as of July 12, 2018

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