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Posted by eduard on February 25, 2020
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General Planning Update

UK Planning Policies


In the last decade or so the UK has suffered from an enormous housing shortage.

In fact the housing target of 4.2 million homes in the next 15 years has not decreased despite houses being built across the UK.

Latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics in the UK has shown that approximately 88,000 new homes are being built a year and the requirement for new homes is approximately 300,000 per annum.

With this in mind, local councils are under extreme pressure from Central Government to build new homes both as affordable housing and as a general development plan.

This is the reason why we sell our land products as it is a strategic land investment that offers the investor an opportunity to not only grow the value of his land on normal organic growth but to obtain substantial profits once the planning permission is granted.

However, it is not an easy process to obtain planning permission and this document really serves to outline exactly how we would look to obtain planning on a site.


Please note that this is a generic view point and not involving any particular site.


Each local council will have what is called a “Local Draft Plan” or a “Local Planning Policy Framework Document” of which they would look to hit their overall housing target within their district or county.

It should be noted that due to a lack of house building and pressure from the Central Government, this target is continually increasing.

As an example, one council can have a target of only 12, 000 new homes in their district, however, in 2 years’ time, due to a change in targets, this figure may increase to 15,000 new homes.

Local councils are traditionally extremely slow in putting together their local draft plans and this has been further complicated with the Covid situation in the last 2 years.

Many councils have taken the opportunity to scrap their previous local draft plans and to adapt a new local draft plan.

To put together a local draft plan, local planning officers will look across the county at various developments whether they be brownfield, greenbelt or greenfield. and any opportunities that are out to build new homes with a current infrastructure already in place.

When looking at any plan, we need to take into account education transport and healthcare.

However, the local draft plan does not mean that any kind of application will be authorised or refused because if we can show a valid reason why one of our developments should be considered then we will proceed with a Planning Application nevertheless.


The procedure is as such.

Initially we will speak with the local council having seen the targets and will look at where they are thinking of building which may be covered in any of their previous draft plan or a draft copy that is currently on the council’s website.

If we feel that our site lends itself to a plan application we will then initially make a preliminary application to the council either under the corporate sites policy or just generally submit a document sharing our intentions for a future date.

At this point, our planning consultants in the UK will start to look at the feasibility of our plan application and as mentioned before we’ll look at all the local infrastructure and what is needed to accommodate any application we make.


In addition to this we will give comparisons of similar sites either within the county or further field nationally.

We will then make a formal plan application and it should be noted that this application is not inexpensive.

As an example, the approximate cost for a hundred home development is approximately GBP 500,000 for which we are not asking any further contributions from yourselves.

It should be noted that since March 2020, when Covid struck across the globe, local councils have scout then some of the departments and planning applications are now taking longer than what it we would have first thought.

It also should be taken into account that financially it is prudent that any application is made at the right time in order not to waste any planning fees or planning consultant fees.

We will continue to update you on a regular basis on your individual site but please bear in mind that we are currently working on a strategic plan of our sites and currently have 5 that we are working on extensively at this moment and are hoping to increase this to further 5 in Q2 2022.

In June of this year, a decision is made by the management team of Herald Land to now concentrate only on planning and not to increase any further sales

We do have a work with a company based in the UK for the selling of the new sites that become available, however, Herald Land is now fully committed to servicing our existing clients and seeing through the plan applications.

It should also be noted that unlike this region it’s simply not a case of walking into the Land Department with an application form, applying for a planning permit and it gets approved immediately.

The normal process in normal times is 3-5 years but in recent times in the UK for many reasons these timelines have slipped.

We would like to end by saying we are fully committed to obtaining plan permission on your site and hope that you understand that the procedure is not simple as some may think.

planning update as of November 21, 2021

At the moment, we are working on two of our old sites, Holmer Green and Iver, with the purpose of submitting a planning application and guarantee the promised profits to our investors.

As a planning department, we are working on a definite new business plan which includes all our sold sites. This will include reviewing all the local plans in our sites’ areas, contacting the relevant councils, and discussing our options with expert planners in the UK. All our sites will be included in this plan and the potential sites that are included in the council’s local plan will be pushed to the next stage and be reviewed for the best way to submit a planning application. We are aiming to have a detailed strategy and timescale by the beginning of 2020.

planning update as of July 18, 2019

Housing secretary James Brokenshire notes that London faces the “most severe housing pressures”, with average house prices now over 12 times median earnings, which is “clearly unacceptable”.

While welcoming the proposed increase of London’s housing target from 42,000 to 65,000 homes a year as a “helpful first step” to meeting the capital’s need, Brokenshire explains that he is “not convinced your assessment of need reflects the full extent of housing need in the London to tackle affordability problems”.

Having listened to Khan’s representations as well as others, Brokenshire says that the public interest lies with making sure the mayor is delivering the homes London needs as quickly as possible.

Therefore, Brokenshire writes: “I have decided to amend footnote 69 of the revised National Planning Policy Framework so that the draft London Plan will be examined against the previous National Planning Policy Framework rather than new national policy. This will mean you can continue to progress your plan and start delivering your London Plan targets for which you are responsible”.

He emphasized that he has powers to intervene before the plan is published and that as the Mayor of London, Khan is “responsible for delivering” the housing required and will be held to account for delivering London’s housing targets.

planning update as of August 7, 2018

Housing Minister Dominic Raab has launched new powers for councils in order to deliver new towns and communities in each council area. The government expects them to deliver “tens of thousands of new homes”.

Analysis by the Campaign to Protect Rural England has suggested that the amount of farmland, forests, gardens, and greenfield land lost to housing development each year has increased by 58 per cent. It has increased from 2,105 hectares of land in 2013 to 3,332 hectares in 2017. This projects the amount of land that was removed from greenbelt and was built on new homes.

planning update as of June 14, 2018

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