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We do receive some questions frequently, and this is why we want to address them for you. Check below to have your questions answered. If your question isn’t here, please feel free to contact us any time with any inquiries.

Yes, you will become the freehold landowner and the title will be registered at HM Land Registry once your transaction is completed.

Yes, you have the freehold title to the land and you can sell to anyone once you have completed on the purchase of the plot.

No. You are of course welcome to use one if required. It is important that if you elect to use a lawyer you use one who is familiar with UK land transactions. However we offer an excellent free service and will prepare and submit all the documentation for you.

If there is anything in the documentation that is not clear, you are welcome to call our in-house legal team who will be happy to assist you. If you are still not sure on any points then we recommend that you consult an independent lawyer who has experience in UK land transactions.

On average we expect it to take approximately 5 years. However this is dependent on the particular site.

These are simply terms used to describe what happens when a Local Authority decides to change the use of a particular area of land. From our point of view we are looking to sponsor a site to be allocated for residential use.

Due to urban expansion, Local Authorities have to designate land, typically on the edge of existing settlement areas, for allocation from their current usage to residential allocation. All towns and cities grow outwards as their populations expand, so Local Authorities have to look at areas of land, typically on the edge of existing settlement areas, allocated from their current usage to form part of the town or city. This means that the land becomes designated for residential development.

Once a site is allocated a developer can submit a plan for residential development and agree a on particular design and layout with the Local Planning Authorities.

You can, but you are unlikely to succeed an extensive technical data is required in order to allocate the land. Our Land and Planning team is made up of some of the UK’s foremost experts in the promotion of land for allocation. They know what it takes and have a thorough understanding of both national and local laws, requirements and procedures. Also, promoting a site for allocation can be a very expensive process and one which would be difficult to undertake on your own.

If the site is allocated you may be able to negotiate with a developer to build a house within the overall scheme design in an agreed location. A developer may be happy to do this as it would guarantee a sale and avoid them having to buy your land. Obtaining planning consent for a single dwelling on the site is very unlikely and we do not recommend you enter an investment such as this if that is your ambition.

Unlike many other companies we retain some of the site for our own benefit.

Yes. Many of our investors come to us by way of recommendation. For every new client that you recommend who purchases a plot from us, we will pay a referral fee to you.

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