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Bayfield case study

Bayfield is a land site that received planning permission in the past. As a result, 27 dwellings were ultimately built on the land as you can see in the pictures below.

Planning Permission Process


Site Acquired

purchased by Charles Church


First Planning Application Submitted

Boyer planning submitted application for 27 dwellings


Planning Application Received

Monmouthshire council received planning application


Council Make Visit

Council makes site visit to Bayfield to asses application # DC/2006/01237 for 27 dwellings


Application Amended

Asbri planning amend application # DC/2007/01232


Planning Permission Granted

Monmouthshire council allow the appeal from application no DC/2006/01237 for 27 dwellings and grant planning permission

Land in the UK is a more attractive investment now than it was at any other point in history.

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