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Posted by eduard on April 22, 2019
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Kings Langley

Hertfordshire, Greater London, UK

Site Information

The site is located within an affluent outer London Commuter belt settlement. The area is served by excellent road and rail connections to the London and greater metropolitan area. Heathrow and Luton airports are in proximity, the M1 and M25 motorways also run through the district.

The site crucially falls close to the District boundary, and within the edge of settlement area. The area is currently used as agricultural land and is approximately 11.37 acres in size.

Local Planning

All councils in England are legally required by the UK Government to plan for future population, growth, and demand for housing.
The Local Plan considers the need for new homes and jobs alongside associated infrastructure, such as sport, open space, transport, shops, and community facilities covering a 15-year period.

Planning Department Updates

    • Kings Langley falls under Three Rivers District Council, who are currently reviewing all methods towards a new local plan. Using the Government’s Standard Method for calculating housing need, in the July 2021 published Preferred Policy Options document, the housing need has been confirmed as 630 dwellings per year. The housing Target for the Local Plan will therefore be 12,624 dwellings over the plan period 2018-2036.
    • The local authority has acknowledged the required necessity of removal of land from within the green belt to meet the large housing need. Under the call for sites options, the Kings Langley site was provisionally assessed and at the time concluded that due to being located within the green belt area, without being on the edge of a higher tier settlement or an inset village, in the immediate term was seen as non-strategic.
    • Importantly, a proximity site, with a provision of 40-50 dwellings, has been assessed as a viable and promoted site inthe proposed Local Plan site allocations brought forward by the council. This therefore places the Kings Langley sitein a highly desirable position within the Local Plan housing deficit. Previous objections of proximity to higher tiersettlement would therefore be met. Please see picture below, taken from the consultation documents, the arrowdepicts the site brought forward, and the x marks the Kings Langley site.

Our Planning Department Update

  • The Three Rivers District Council, in a risky move have decided to push back against the government housingcalculation for the district. Claiming that the numbers cannot be met without harm to the local environment.
  • If the council, or any council doesn’t identify enough land for housing, an inspector is appointed by the Secretary ofState, to recommend additional sites for allocation to meet the required numbers.
  • Notable, that even before the above local plan has been approved, if numbers aren’t met, there is a risk the LocalPlan would fail when submitted to the government’s planning inspectorate for examination, leaving the district opento speculative planning applications, that can result in development taking place in areas, previously deemedunsuitable.
  • To conclude, our planning department have assessed the Kings Langley site in a highly favourable position for planning within the next 2 years or earlier. The proximity to favourable sites that are similar to nature, together with an acute mixed housing need provide favourable strong key elements.

planning update as of November 16, 2021

Kings Langley area is growing so fast and planning application are being granted in a lot of cases. Below is an example where the council accepted a planning application where it consists of demolition of existing buildings and instead doing a huge plan where it consists of 45 new residential dwellings in addition to other projects. Please find below details of this successful application.

planning update as of October 17, 2018

In July, the new NPPF was published which sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these should be applied. It provides a framework within which locally-prepared plans for housing and other development can be produced. We now await to see what the government has in store for Kings Langley’s site in terms of the numbers of houses the Council will be expected to allow to be built within the Borough.

The owners, Angle Property, intend to submit an outline planning application for approximately 125 houses, building on both the brownfield and most of the Green Belt area of the site. By putting in an application now, this approach will circumvent the scrutiny the application would be subjected to as part of the development of the Council Local Plan, the next stage of which is yet to be published. If successful in getting around the Local Plan process in this way, it could make other sites, including ours as it’s a big site, have big chances to have a successful planning application.

planning update as of October 17, 2018

Three Rivers District Council is preparing a new Local Plan for Three Rivers which will provide the planning policies and proposals for future sustainable growth in the District up to 2032.

In the above chart, we can conclude that Three Rivers Housing Target is around 175 dwellings yearly, which means that more greenfield sites should be removed from the Green Belt to achieve this target. In this area, the housing crisis is major and the only solution is building in the Green Belt area as there is no other option.

planning update as of June 12, 2018

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